Design for Feng-Shui Master in Equador

Designed to Feng-Shui principles, this home is built in the idyllic Vilcabamba, former retreat for Incan royalty.  Flow of Chi energy, magnetic polarity, the five element forces metal, earth, fire, water and wood and empty heart make this home fully conform to Fung Shui geomancy.

“The house has a great feeling, is very comfortable, with very even temperature throughout
the whole year, whether its day or night, rain or shine.”








Byron Bay hinterland – rammed earth, wide verandahs and clerestory rooflines

The client brief was very specific, including “Wide verandahs to give the feel of a Queenslander, but with a very modern look”   The designs of Peter Stutchbury particularly appealed, and this design developed considerably over the course of multiple consultations.














Coastal Home

Indoor/Outdoor living to take full advantage of the great Tweed Coast climate, in conjunction with master builder Alan and Marg McGuiness of Craftsman Homes a modest but fully featured home.















Passive solar design for Canberra

 Designed in conjunction with Gary Willemsen and owner-built in the Canberra suburb of Mackeller, this passive solar home gave the owners all-year-round comfort.

“With small children, we really appreciated the warmth getting out of bed on a cold Canberra winter night.  In summer it was so comfortable on a hot day too – we knew passive solar would be good, but this is amazing.” 

Extension to Farmhouse in NSW north coast hinterland

An idyllic setting on 200 acres nestled in the mountains surrounded by national park, this extension was designed sympathetically to the existing very old timber home, but taking full advantage of the panoramic north-facing views.  The new living area is an open plan octagonal shape extensively using timber to give a warm friendly and uplifting feeling.

“I had struggled for years trying to figure out how to renovate the old house, but to no avail.  I remember saying to you, I don’t like square rooms, I like yurts and unusual shapes, and you came up immediately with the solution.  We are delighted with the result and very grateful to you.  The old kitchen at the back of the house was so dark that we had to have the lights on all day and night and it was also very cold.  The house is now transformed.

The new living area now facing north, captures the sun from sunrise to sunset.  Through the winter the sun warms the whole area. At times we had days when the old kitchen area was 9-12C, the new area was 20-25C with no heater system..Amazing.  We are now in mid summer with the sun going over the roof and so remains cool, and the breeze which we can capture from all directions, keeps the temp pleasurable.”


Affordable outdoor living and insulated EPS panels

Expanded polystyrene panels with sheet steel skin are a very efficient use of materials.  They insulate well and require no additional rafters or purlins because they span up to 12 metres.  EPS panels are becoming popular and costs are coming down, so are excellent for an outdoor living verandah, awning or carport.

David Castle of Castle Awnings on the Gold Coast has a lot of experience with these materials and does a quality job at an affordable price.

Solaris is one such EPS panel, manufactured in Crestmead, near Brisbane.


Affordable cabins from shipping containers

We design configurations for recycled shipping containers made into affordable studios, granny flats and homes.





Exposing shipping container exterior steel is ideal in bushfire risk zones.